About us

There has been a significant change in the world of work during the years that we have been working in the recruiting industry. The evolution of technology has a huge impact on our way of working and Employer Branding is even more in focus today. New services have arrived on the market, while others have disappeared.

It is an exciting journey for us to continue to follow closely. However, what has remained constant and is not likely to change over time is that it is the individuals within the company who create business success – the right person must be in the right place. It may sound simple, but there is much that must match for it to be so. We can honestly say that we know what is required to succeed. We are good at what we do and we know how to efficiently and with high accuracy match the top talents with the most interesting and challenging positions on the market.

To be able to bring together companies and people with the same values that can develop and challenge each other is incredibly stimulating! Accurate matching, where the right candidate with his or her drive and commitment can lift an organization to the next level, and become a role model for other people, gives us a huge kick – every time! Our experience of high-end recruitments, our thorough search process and our close and personal collaboration with you as our customer during the whole process is the way to a successful recruitment.

Business concept

Level Executive specializes in recruitment and Executive Search of senior manager positions and other high-end key roles within the Swedish industry.


Level Executive wants to be the obvious choice of a recruiting partner within Executive Search in the Swedish industry.