Ethics & Diversity

Level Executive stands for the obvious, that everyone is equal. This applies whether you are a candidate, customer, supplier, employee, or if you cooperate with us in any other context. For us it is not about following the law, our values are much deeper than that. We stand for the obvious in a modern society - zero tolerance of discrimination in all forms.

As a recruitment company, our only task is to evaluate if the candidate’s skills, experience and personality fits the needs for your unique recruitment. Gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, disability or age is irrelevant. What you have in your “backpack” and what you can contribute in your next job is what counts. This is how we create value for our customers and a meaningful everyday life at the individual level.

Whether you meet us as a candidate or as a customer, you can always feel confident that Level Executive will handle sensitive information with discretion. As a candidate, you can always feel safe when you are involved in a recruitment process. It is part of our everyday life that candidates that we are interviewing are not open about the fact that they are looking for a new job.

In the same way, our customers can be confident that we cherish their brand in the best way. We are, for example, used to customers that haven’t, internally or externally, communicated changes at the same time that we are helping them with a recruitment.

Information about individual candidates is handled in accordance to the Swedish Data Protection Law (PUL). All employees at Level Executive are working in secrecy and information about customers or candidates will never be disclosed to third parties if not agreed. Trust is a key word. For this reason, we put questions about diversity, ethics, morality and privacy at the top of our agenda.

”När den nya generationens ledare kliver fram är företagets kultur, värderingar och ledarskap i fokus vid valet av arbetsgivare. Företagens förmåga att möta dessa förväntningar blir mer och mer avgörande.”