Executive Search

There are few positions so important and vital to recruit than management positions. At Level Executive we have extensive experience of recruiting these critical key roles with high accuracy. We want to challenge the traditional Executive Search industry which many times can be perceived as prestigious and hidden. Our recruiting model is customized to meet high demands from both clients and candidates and at the same it is transparent, innovative and flexible. We want you to feel a positive difference between us and other recruitment agencies. For this reason, we continuously work to improve our process and communication. Our goal is to be consultative, personal and easy to work with and if you allow us – we would also be happy to challenge you to think in new ways. Our process creates security and long-term relationships. This is why so many of our customers choose to come back to us.

When we get the privilege to be your extended brand we want you to feel completely confident during the whole process. By investing a lot of time in understanding your company’s business, challenges, values and culture we can identify the core needs for your unique recruitment. This is how we become successful and accurate in our work. Our experience has taught us which methods are most effective when it comes to finding and attracting candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new job. We know that it takes a lot of dedication and a great deal of creativity, you can rely on our commitment.

To get a deep insight into the candidate’s leader profile, driving forces and potential, we include some of the market’s leading testing tools in the recruitment process. In addition to the candidate’s formal competence, we place great emphasis on identifying personality characteristics, attitude, opportunities and risks. Our experience says that it’s only then a recruitment can be really successful in the long run.

Our Executive Check includes 360-degree references (both official and unofficial references) as well as a qualified background check which besides control of economic conditions and legal matters also reviews the candidate’s exposure in media. Our knowledge about the person and the competence profile you will receive from us provides you with good support before the important onboarding process. We contribute to an effective and successful start for both parties.

”We live in a fast-paced world. Companies must constantly adapt to remain competitive and profitable.”