The Recruitment Process

Company profile & analysis of needs

During the recruitment process we have the privilege to be your extended brand – your ambassador. Before we start a process we want to get a good insight into your business, the future challenges, values and culture to be able to create the best prerequisite for a high level of precision in the matching. We will do an in-depth analysis of your needs, preferably with several stake holders that can describe the organization’s needs and the mission’s character. Based on the analysis, we compile a written material that can be presented to potential candidates in a professional manner and we will also advertise the position if it provides value and effect.

Search process

Together we target companies and related industries where the right skills and profiles can be found after which we take contact and try to attract the most qualified candidates. Through the years we have learned which methods works best when it comes to finding and attract candidates who are not actively looking for a new job and we know that it takes a lot of commitment and a great deal of creativity in order to succeed. The most interesting candidates are then interviewed over phone to ensure that the qualifications are right and that interest is shown from their side to proceed in the process. Along the way you will be continually updated on how the candidates respond to our contact and how far we have come in the process.


During the personal meeting we do a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s background in terms of competence, experience and qualifications through a competency-based interview methodology. It is also in the personal meeting that we ensure that personality, past performance, ability to succeed in this new role, as well as values, is within a good match according to your requirements. The fact that the candidate prior to the interview will conduct a personality test enables us to gain a deeper understanding of his/hers prominent characteristics.

Candidate presentation & interview at the customer

When it’s time for you to interview our proposed candidates we want you to have as much information as possible about the candidate’s skills and personality for the meeting to be as effective and rewarding as possible. We therefore submit a detailed presentation based on our review, test results, CV and personal letter. We coordinate meeting times, keeps a close dialogue with both parties and act as speaking partners during the process in order to maintain engagement.

Executive check

In order to get a deeper insight regarding the candidate’s leader profile and personality, opportunities and risks we work with the market’s leading testing tools. Before you prepare the contract we will do a thorough 360-degree reference check with both official and unofficial references as well as a qualified background check. In addition to control of economic conditions and any legal matters the background check also examines the candidate’s exposure in the media.

Onboarding & follow-up

A well-executed manager recruitment without a well-functioning onboarding can be extremely costly and in worst case adversely affect the whole company. Surveys have shown that the employer’s involvement in the new leader during the first three months has a direct effect on how short or long the take-off distance for the new employees will be, how quickly you get managers to deliver and how long you can retain the skills and talents within the company.

The knowledge we have about your company’s culture and informal structures will accompany us in our work during the whole recruitment process and are important aspects for us in the search for the right skills and person. Our knowledge of the candidate and the profile you’ll receive from us about your new co-worker can in a positive way support you before the onboarding process and contributes to an efficient start for both parties.

In order to ensure that the employment has met your expectations we follow up the recruitment after approximately two months.